Tennis Elbow, Anyone?

Tennis Elbow, Anyone?

There is nothing more annoying, painful, and frustrating than Tennis Elbow. What’s so surprising is that most people who suffer from this don’t even play tennis.

On the outside of the elbow is a small tendon called the extensor carpi radialis brevis. It attaches to a muscle that extends the wrist. No one knows why but it can break down. Degenerate. And micro-tears result. The healing potential is poor.

Pain with lifting, shaking hands, and removing milk from the fridge are all common complaints of patients.

Non-Surgical Treatment options:

1. Early on within weeks of symptoms onset I do find cortisone injection with needling of the tendon helpful and sometimes cures the problem. (Literature states cortisone has no long term effect but I use it with early-onset disease with success )

2. Icing

3. Topical NSAIDs

4. Forearm stretching

5. Counterforce bracing (tennis elbow brace)

6. Wrist brace – to prevent repetitive movement

7. Physical Therapy

8. Platelet Rich Plasma Injections – see Here for more info.

Surgical options :

All surgical options involve the removal of the degenerative tissue. It can be done –

1 Open

2. Arthroscopic

3. Percutaneous under ultrasound guidance – Tenex Procedure

I prefer this last option. It involves the removal of the bad tendon tissue through a small nick in the skin. You are wide awake. It takes 5 minutes.

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