Treatment Philosophy

Dr. Jonathan Hersch performing arthroscopic surgery

Hope and Healing

Dr. Jonathan Hersch is a highly regarded orthopedic surgeon who specializes in arthroscopic surgery and joint preservation. Although Dr. Hersch is a surgeon, he really views himself as more of a healer.


“Most of my patients find it interesting that I don’t immediately recommend surgery,” said Dr. Hersch. “But I need time to make sure we get a proper diagnosis before I make any treatment recommendation.”


Many of his patients benefit from conservative approaches like joint preservation, physical therapy, guided steroid injections, lifestyle changes, pain management techniques, or a combination of these approaches.


“My job is to help my patients get better, with or without surgery,” he explained. “I get many patients who have fairly complex problems who have been told they will just have to learn to live with the pain, and that’s not right. There is almost always something that can be done – I don’t give up on my patients.”


Those patients who do end up having surgery benefit from Dr. Hersch’s expertise – especially in the area of arthroscopic surgery.


“Arthroscopic surgery has many benefits, including the fact that it is minimally invasive so there is less post-operative pain, quicker recovery, and minimal scarring,” he said.

dr. jonathan hersch examining a patient

Personalized Medicine

One of the first things patients notice about Dr. Hersch is that he listens to them.


“The journey to healing always begins with a conversation,” he said. “First I listen, then I examine – then I diagnose.”


“It’s important for physicians to remember that people are individuals…not their diagnosis,” he said.


Dr. Hersch believes the more engaged patients are, the more likely they are to recover. As part of his approach, he makes sure they understand all their options, are involved in the decision-making, and are invested in the process.


“One of my greatest joys in life is when my patient no longer has to worry about pain anymore – they are doing what they do with their lives,” said Dr. Hersch.

A Foundation of Trust

Trust is another big component of Dr. Hersch’s treatment philosophy, and he works hard to build a relationship with his patients.


“My patients place an enormous amount of trust in me,” explained Dr. Hersch. “Nobody wants to be operated on – but I think it helps that they know I think of them as part of my family and that I will treat them as such.”


“I want my patients to truly understand that I have their best interests at heart and that any recommendation for treatment that I make is centered around their individual circumstances,” he said.


Dr. Hersch’s ability to communicate in a down-to-earth manner means that patients understand their treatment plans and expected outcomes.

treatment philosophy dr. jonathan hersch